Linear Speed, Angular Speed and Arc Length!!!

Application Problem #1
You're driving your car to McDonalds for lunch. Your friend notices your hands at 10 and 2 on the steering wheel. You turn the wheel. Now your hands are at 11 and 7. The diameter of the steering wheel is 1.5ft. How many feet did you turn you hands on the steerin wheel?

1.Write equation

2.Convert degrees to radians

3.Fill in equation w/ information

4.Write answer

Application Problem #2
As your clothes are in the dryer you wonder how many miles per hour they're going in the dryer. You know the dryer makes 1.5 revolutions per second and that the dryer is 4 ft in diameter. Find the rate in miles per hour.

1.Convert from revolutions to radians

2.Write equation

3.Fill in equation w/ information

4.Convert from ft/sec to mi/hr.

5.Write answer

Application Problem #3
A ferris wheel is 60 ft in diameter and makes 1 revolution in 90 seconds. Find its angular speed in rad/min and rad/hr. (Find the answer to this problem on "other" page.)